Use copresence’s powerful AI to create your digital likeness in minutes.

Be yourself in the digital world.

Our mission is to bring people closer together in the digital space. We're bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds by offering a photorealistic digital likeness of yourself. Be truly present in games, mixed reality, and telepresence applications.

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How it works

3 simple steps.

Copresence makes the future of digital interaction accessible to everyone. All you need is your smartphone and our app. Our avatar scanning is accessible, intuitive, and fast. Only 3 simple steps.

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1. Use our app to scan your face.

Scan your face in just one minute with our app. Download it now from the App Store!

2. Our AI creates your avatar.

Our groundbreaking AI technology creates a 3D photorealistic avatar of you in just minutes.

3. Be present as yourself in the digital world.

Copresence avatars are compatible with all 3D applications. Use your digital twin in games, mixed reality, and telepresence. Join the future of digital interaction!

Use Cases


Put yourself as the main character! Copresence CG avatars are compatible with all major game engines and seamlessly integrate into any existing character system. Play alongside your friends as yourself!

Mixed Reality

Say goodbye to cartoon avatars and be present with your true likeness. Our CG avatars work on any AR and VR hardware, and our AI avatars will blur the boundaries between presence in the real and virtual world.

3D Art

Copresence revolutionizes character scanning for 3D artists, making it more affordable, faster, and easier. Say goodbye to costly equipment and tedious scan cleanup. Our platform provides high-quality head avatars in minutes, fully rigged and ready for animation.


AI avatars enhance video calls with engaging, non-verbal communication way beyond current applications.

Try it Yourself

Copresence Platform

Create your personalized avatar with our mobile app and download it from our web platform for use in all your projects. Learn more about integration in the Copresence Docs.

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